"I love life but it hasn't been a smooth ride. There have been some really tough times but what keeps me going is hope. We all need hope that maybe tomorrow will be brighter and you know it usually is. If not tomorrow then guaranteed at some point in time things get better and you find yourself forgetting there was trouble at all. For me, nature is a great healer. It's where I go when I feel stressed out, mad or sad. Around here, the king of the forest is the bear. The bear is an animal that has played a big part in my life.  It represents both strength and fear. In the first of a series of dreams about bears, I dreamt the bear was quite far away, just at the edge of the forest across an expansive field. I could see it and I was scared. Over time, the bear got closer and I was really afraid. As the dreams progressed, it crossed the field, then it was right outside my little house then it was actually in the house! In the last dream, the bear had become my beloved pet and we lived in the house together all huggie buggy and cozy.  I was now unafraid, even loving toward something I had been very afraid of. Does the bear represent life? 

I am also a plodder. If I don't understand something or am faced with a computer program I don't know - I just plod along until I get it. I am also good at outlasting people. I find some folks give up too quickly but sticking to something usually turns out." 


Susan Einarsson’s long career in media saw her involved in print, radio, television, music and stage. She worked as a news anchor and talk show host, reporter, television series producer and narrator. She has written two theatrical plays: “On the Air”, one-woman show and “Cupid’s in Love”, a full length rom-com musical. The recipient of the Canadian New Talent Award for Country Music, Susan has recorded two full length original music albums – “Cougar Jones”, and the soundtrack to “Cupid’s in Love”. She is a painter and photographer, adventurer, mother, grandmother and friend. “The True Adventures of Suzy Q” is a humorous memoir about her own adventures. After reading about her adventures, some people say she is the bravest woman in the world!  

For twelve years Susan worked as an instructor at BCIT, Western Canada's premier Broadcast school. Last year she tried her hand at helping candidates in the political arena and was wildly successful. She enjoyed winning the two campaigns she was involved with and looks forward to doing more political messaging and training. She holds a Masters Degree in Professional Communications. Susan is a featured public speaker and President of Kingman Communications Inc. which represents her appearances, creative works and consulting contracts. 


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