Suzy Q led an almost unbelievable life. She got lost on a mountain, was involved in a murder, dined with royalty, had an unexpected pregnancy, experienced divine intervention, searched for lost gold in Sasquatch country, sold graves to the living, and had a mad love affair with a politician. She took on the media business and became one of the first women to work as a news anchor. Each incredible story ends with one of her original songs. Her adventures were nothing short of extraordinary. Some were life- threatening, some were life-changing - but all were life-making.

"Creative genius! Who can imagine one woman actually doing all that? Writing, singing, painting? I laughed reading the stories, and my imagination just floated away listening to her music. "



"People may wonder why you are laughing out loud.  I reflected on my own life a lot"



Some people say she is the bravest woman in the world!



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