Suzy Q led an almost unbelievable life. She got lost on a mountain, was involved in a murder, dined with royalty, had an unexpected pregnancy, experienced divine intervention, searched for lost gold in Sasquatch country, sold graves to the living, and had a mad love affair with a politician. She took on the media business and became one of the first women to work as a news anchor. Each incredible story ends with one of her original songs. Her adventures were nothing short of extraordinary. Some were life- threatening, some were life-changing - but all were life-making.

Live, Laugh, Create ....         Repeat


I'm a creator. So are you.  This site let's you explore the stories, music and art that I have created and you can email me your stories and see them posted,  perhaps even in one of my upcoming books. 


It's an interactive site where we come together to share. I like talking about resilience. When a friend first read The True Adventures of Suzy Q , she felt it was a testament to the strength of the human spirit. That even when we are down, we can get back up, believing in something greater than ourselves.  We can be entertainers with tales of our antics and support each other. We can take risks and stand up for ourselves. We can be brave. 

Book me now as a key note speaker for your event on the topic:  RESILIENCE - How to keep going in an uncertain world.  Just send me an email. 

"Creative genius! Who can imagine one woman actually doing all that? Writing, singing, painting? I laughed reading the stories, and my imagination just floated away listening to her music. "



"People may wonder why you are laughing out loud.  I reflected on my own life a lot"



Some people say she is the bravest woman in the world!


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