The Play

This romantic comedy musical is available for licensing and is perfect for fundraisers!
"When Cupid is in New York on love business, he accidentally hits his head, ignites an old spell and falls in love for the first time- too bad it's with a mortal girl."





When Cupid is born to his parents Venus and Mars, his jealous Aunt Vexus casts a spell upon him.

                                                                                                    Act One

On Cupid’s 25th birthday, he goes to New York on love business. Kick, a beautiful cardiac intern has just been dumped by yet another boyfriend. Her neighbour Marty, also struggling with heartbreak, meets her at Max and Rosie’s coffee shop.  A pretty red hired waitress has a crush on Marty but he only has eyes for Kick. The invisible Cupid arrives and is about to shoot someone with the arrow of love when he trips, knocks his head and shoots himself by mistake. It ignites the spell giving him amnesia and making him fall in love with the first mortal girl he sees - Kick.  Kick forces a reluctant Marty to take the now visible handsome stranger in. Outside, homeless Ben recognizes trouble when Marty’s scheming ex-girlfriend Julie shows up. Cupid discovers something troubling about romance but just as he is making headway with his beloved, his angry and worried parents show up.



                                                                                                   Act Two


Venus and Mars track their son down and take him home to have the spell reversed. His Auntie Vexus breaks the bad news; his feelings for Kick may not be real.  Broken hearted Cupid threatens to quit his job. The spell wears off and he still loves Kick. Cupid returns to New York to tell Kick his true identity and find out if she will still love him. Kick and Cupid take a trip by thunder to his place. She meets his family and learns the truth. After the shock wears off, she admits she does love him and wants to be with him as long as she can continue to be a doctor. The couple head back to the city, Cupid finishes the job he started and he and Kick look forward to life together working as 'heart specialists'.


 Watch the staged reading. 
Fun for all ages, this 90 minute musical comes complete with pre recorded song backtracks and sound effects. Roles for singers and dancers. Just add the talent! 
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