Need to create effective messages?

I can help you. 

With thirty years experience in Broadcast Media as a Journalist, News Anchor, Reporter, Television Producer, Broadcast Instructor and with a Master's Degree in Professional Communications, you are in good hands when it comes to getting the word out to an audience. 

As well as my creative life which this website features, I recently decided to use my media experience to create political messaging for candidates and am pleased to report they both won their respective campaigns. What understand from having years of real world experience is how you connect with a mass audience. Most people miss this VERY important part of messaging. Communicating to mass audiences is what I have done for my entire career. 

I am also conducting long form interviews called, In Conversation, so you can get your message out accurately. You have control of the content and the distribution. 

In Conversation with Mike Morden, Mayor of Maple Ridge BC 

Email:              Cell:    778-229-4107